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BABY will be a Cambodia E-Commerce and eco-friendly Baby Goods/Kids Goodslocated in the Phnom Penh, the second most populous borough of the Phnom PenhCity. Phnom Penh City is itself the most populous Cambodia city housing morethan 3.5 million people. We will be strategically located in an ideal locationfor a Baby Goods/Kids Goods business. The business will be owned and operatedby Rous Savuth who has been serving in the Market industry for the last 9 years. The business will be primarily involved in the large-scale production of
Baby Goods/Kids Goods including regular as well as high end 
Baby Goods/Kids Goods.

Rous Savuth, the owner of the company CEO Founder, Savuth has more than 9 years’experience in managing media and marketing service in Cambodia. He had successful managed Media project for several customers in both offline and digital mediums. He has experience work with media marketing like event and outreach, radios, TVs, printing, indoor and outdoor and Banking sector in
Cambodia. He has extensive experience managing both
media projects and business effectively and efficiencies., as well as management skills, are well-known among the highexecutives of the ecommerce industry.

Business is being started

Savuth had been serving at executive positions in Baby Online Shop industries ranging from startups to multinational E-commerce. During his career, he had observed the environmental impact of the Baby Online Shop industry, especially the toxin wastes generated during the production process. For many years he had been researching on his own to find out the best possible ways of environment-friendly production. He wanted his own place to implement the
innovative ideas in his mind which could not be applied while working in some other company, even at executive positions


We work with a mix of top influencers to showcase the self-styled generation across the world. We represent all ages, nationalities and lifestyles. Ultimately, we are an eclectic and dynamic family of Accessories lovers. See our latest collaborations, products and news @Seda baby and please tag us #selfstyled while you are there.
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SEDA BABY’s Journey

January 2018
Gets launched as online martketplace merchant by Rous Savuth in Phnom Penh.
May 2019
Attracts first investor, Savuth's friend, and receives $12 K investment
December 2020
Create first plate form for eCommerce in Phnom Penh
February 2021
Gets launched as online martketplace merchant by Rous Savuth in Phnom Penh.

Meet Our Leaders

Rous Savuth

CEO Founder

Vao Toeun

Business Manager

Prom Seandy

Sale Manager

Soy Chantha

Admin Manager

Se Sokhan

Finance Manager

Kory Sopheap

Head Accountant

Nob Sambath

Media Manager

Awards & Recognition

Industry leaders and influencers recognize Overstock as one of the most trust worthy retail companies in the Cambodia ranking high for both customer and employee satisfaction.

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